Egg freezing

Stimulation, aspiration and freezing of eggs is the most commonly used strategy. It is applicable in older girls who will soon enter puberty or are already teenagers. It involves "waking up" the ovary with the help of hormones that will stimulate eggs maturation inside the ovary.

The procedure lasts for about 14 days and can be started at any time. When the follicles reach the appropriate size, aspiration follows, during which the mature eggs are collected. This is done with a short-term anesthesia. The eggs are frozen and kept until the day the girl decides to become a mother.

This method is well-established worldwide and is considered to be the most successful. The hormones act for a short time and will not have a negative effect on your child's disease, nor will they harm her ovaries – just the opposite. The child will not experience premature sexual maturity. This is a short-term method of awakening the ovary, which instantly goes back to sleep after the procedure.