Improving quality of life

How we can help you improve your quality of life during and after treatment

We devoted part of the “Keep Hope Alive” campaign 2022 to the topic of breast cancer and the in women with that disease. Twice a month, educational seminars will be held at Nadezhda Hospital in the presence of breast cancer patients. Various oncologists from the Medical Oncology Clinic of the hospital, psychologists, gynecologists, physiotherapists, as well as various specialists from other medical institutions will give practical advice on how to improve the quality of life in various areas:  

  • Gynecologists will discuss ways of treating intimate physical discomfort and decreased libido as a result of cancer therapy.
  • Physiotherapists will advise on the different types of rehabilitation needed for the body to recover from surgery or the side effects of chemo-, radiotherapy, or hormone treatments.
  • Specialized fitness instructors will present the appropriate exercises needed to move more successfully through treatment and beyond.
  • Pharmacists and nutritionists will explain the positive or negative effects of different nutritional supplements on cancer therapy and present the appropriate foods and beverages for quality recovery.
  • Clinical psychologists will help patients and their families cope with stress and anxiety.
  • Neurologists, endocrinologists, and many others.