About us

The zapazi.me website is the fruit of the efforts of Nadezhda Hospital team to support all people caught at the crossroads between the desire for a child and the diagnosis of cancer, autoimmune disease or endometriosis.

It is our way of giving a helping hand and guiding you on the road ahead. 


We take on this great responsibility, 



A team of proven specialists, united by a common cause, is the heart of Nadezhda Hospital. We achieve more because we always work as a team.

✔ At Nadezhda hospital, we have carefully selected world-class hospital and laboratory equipment.

✔ At Nadezhda, we take an individual approach to treating our patients – we get to know you, and walk the journey with you.

✔ Here, in Nadezhda, the venue of hope, we respect and protect your rights as a patient – because we want you to feel like this is your home, too.

✔ At every step, we look for hope – which means: Innovative solutions and new horizons for development.

✔ At Nadezhda, the word "science" is not an exotic academic concept, but a concept we apply every day.

✔ The team of Nadezhda never stops learning and developing.

✔ The Nadezhda team shares its knowledge with colleagues from the country and the world.

At Nadezhda, we know the limits of our competence, and we are ready to take responsibility for our decisions.

✔ At Nadezhda, we want you to be part of every next step.

✔ At Nadezhda, in addition to a prescription, we give empathy – the secret ingredient of success.

Because – finally – at Nadezhda Hospital, we work not just with our minds and hands, but with our whole hearts.


Our team unites experts from different specialties – assisted reproduction, embryology, andrology, genetics, medical oncology, hematology, imaging, pathology, fetal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, neonatology, psychology.

We have a unique medical and diagnostic structure that allows us to provide you with the most advanced methods and technologies in medicine.

If you have an oncological disease, or you have a child with newly diagnosed cancer, the zapazi.me website will inform you how the upcoming treatment may affect your chances of having a child in the future, and how modern medicine can help you preserve them.

The team at Nadezhda Hospital has been working in this field for years and understands how important it is for you to have timely access to proven science-based information and a reproductive specialist at this difficult time. We provide you with the opportunity for an expert consultation within 24 hours of your call, no matter where you reside in Bulgaria. We will be able to explain the potential fertility risks of your planned therapy and discuss applicable options for fertility preservation with you and your treatment team.

If your case allows fertility preservation procedure, we will help you to have this done quickly and without the risk of delaying the start of your treatment.  We have the expertise and work with all oncology teams across the country, communicating successfully with them and seeing their patients immediately and without delay.

Preserving your fertility is just the beginning of your path to a fulfilling life after cure. Quality of life during and after therapy is a significant topic that we will dedicate a special section of the zapazi.me website to.

We will be there for you with information and medical care, also when it is time to think about having a child. What is the right time to plan a pregnancy? Will your diagnosis and therapy that was provided affect its normal course? Are there any more special tests and consultations that are needed in your case? The website will provide you with answers to most of these questions, and for the rest you will receive individual consultation from our experts.

A newly diagnosed cancer during pregnancy poses a different scenario that life could confront us with. While it may sound like a dead end, modern medicine offers quite a few options to combine pregnancy care with necessary cancer treatment. A special section of the website is dedicated to these cases.

Cancers aren't the only ones that pose similar complex questions and difficult choices. Patients with autoimmune and rheumatoid diseases are also in a similar situation, and we are preparing detailed guidelines for them, together with immunologists and rheumatologists. These will be published in a separate section of the website, where we will include information on fertility preservation, as well as planning and monitoring pregnancy for each individual diagnosis.

The site will also be supplemented with a section of useful information about endometriosis, a disease that has a complex relationship with fertility and pregnancy.

zapazi.me includes a special section with information for medical professionals, where they can find the latest international recommendations for good clinical practice, and recent research. We believe that shared experience and collaboration between different expert teams is the key to the best patient care.