Ovarian tissue freеzing in prepubertal girls

In prepubertal girls, the method is still considered experimental, although there have been more than 300 children born after it; however it is the only option, which is why it is a good alternative in cases with upcoming gonadotoxic therapy.

Within this procedure, a laparoscopic surgery is performed, during which part of the ovary is collected and divided into small cubes, which are then frozen in liquid nitrogen to await your child's cure. Years later, these cubes are thawed and then carefully implanted again by laparoscopy into the non-functioning ovary to reawaken it.

There is also intensive work being done on the so-called in vitro maturation of primordial follicles and immature eggs, i.e. the eggs from the cubes develop to maturity in an incubator. This is done because in leukemias cancer cells are present in the ovarian cubes and transplantation is not done in these cases.

Freezing of ovarian tissue is included as a procedure in the Assisted Reproductive Technology standard and is performed at our hospital. With this procedure, we will not remove your child's ovary, but will only separate and preserve a small part of it.