Sperm freezing

A solid and proven method of fertility preservation in men. It is a routine procedure that can be administered in any man of reproductive age who is about to undergo anti-tumor therapy, whether or not he has immediate plans for reproduction.

For you, it will be like giving sperm for a simple spermogram. There are no hormonal preparations, only the need to have 2-3 days of abstinence. After ejaculate sample is collected, our biologists will process your sperm, and freeze it in liquid nitrogen.

Submitting one dose of sperm may be enough to freeze several units for the future. However, if you have a deterioration spermogram markers, we may also recommend a repeat sperm collection in a few days. Plan additional time for this!

Your oncology specialists and surgeons should not rule out sperm freezing, even when you already have children, or are older, because there may always be a new milestone in your life, or you may decide to enjoy having another child after you have been cured. Why not?

We can preserve the samples we freeze for up to ten years without affecting the quality of the sperm. Just give us a call and we will give you priority.