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Safety of Assisted Reproductive Techniques in Young Women Harboring Germline Pathogenic Variants in BRCA1/2 With a Pregnancy After Prior History of Breast Cancer

12 ноември 2021
Автор: M. Condorelli, M. Bruzzone, M. Ceppi, A. Ferrari A. Grinshpun , A. S. Hamy et al.

Efficacy and Safety of Controlled Ovarian Stimulation With or Without Letrozole Co-administration for Fertility Preservation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

07 октомври 2020
Автор: Benedetta Bonardi, Claudia Massarotti, Marco Bruzzone et al.
Публикувано в: Frontiers in Oncology

Pregnancy After Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

01 юли 2021
Автор: Matteo Lambertini, MD, PhD; Eva Blondeaux, MD; Marco Bruzzone, MSc et al.
Публикувано в: Journal of Clinical Oncology

Long-term Safety of Pregnancy Following Breast Cancer According to Estrogen Receptor Status

26 октомври 2017
Автор: Matteo Lambertini, Niels Kroman, Lieveke Ameye, Octavi Cordoba, Alvaro Pinto, Giovanni Benedetti, Maj-Britt Jensen et al.
Публикувано в: Journal of the National Cancer Institute